Milestone's always had an...interesting relationship with DC Comics to say the least. From a tenuous-at-best relationship with flagship property Static to problems founder Dwayne McDuffie faced while working on his Milestone-centric "Justice League" run, fans are always left wondering what's going on behind the curtain.

If today's announcement by DC is any indication, things could be moving in a more positive direction with the release of "Milestone Forever," a new series that expands upon the universe's entry into the DCU as started in McDuffie's JL arc.

Here's some of what McDuffie had to say about the project (albeit, in press release fashion):

"16 years ago this month, industry giant DC Comics and upstart Milestone Media entered into an unprecedented creative partnership, producing 14 interlocking, creator-owned titles including Hardware, Icon, and the multimedia hit that would best be known as Static Shock. The story Milestone chose to tell was an audacious one, larger than life on its surface, character and story-driven at its base, Humanist and multicultural at its heart. For over 250 issues, fans explored a superhero universe like no other. Today, nine Parents Choice awards, four Eisner Award nominations and one Emmy and Humanitas award-winning hit TV series later, Milestone is back, its continuity mysteriously merged with the DCU."

The series seems a little bit reminiscent of Image's "Image United" in that it's culling each character's original artist from Milestone's launch titles. John Paul Leon, Mark Bright, Chris Cross and Denys Cowan are all slated to tie up the loose ends from each title's initial run before the universe is destroyed and fully integrated into the DCU.

It's too early to know whether or not things are 100 percent copacetic on both sides of the Milestone/DC arrangement, but hopefully for the sake of fans everything will go swimmingly.

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