Have you ever heard of The Monster Engine? While it could certainly be described as an unstoppable force that feeds on children, such a description would lead you to believe that The Monster Engine is inherently evil - when in reality, it is anything but.

Dave Devries is the author of The Monster Engine, a project he describes as "a book, a demonstration, lecture and a gallery exhibition." It certainly has commonalities with all of these things, but perhaps most importantly, it's a service that turns adorable children's artwork into something even more incredible.

Devries' process is simple - he projects a child's drawing and traces each line, then applies "a combination of logic and instinct" to create some of the freakiest illustrations I've ever seen. I don't think this is necessarily what a child thinks of when he's setting out to draw Superman, but the results are glorious nonetheless.

Check out some samples from The Monster Engine after the jump.

[Via Asylum]