Yesterday the Internet received a cryptic message regarding the upcoming "Image United" crossover: The Spawn logo, a clock counted down to zero and a tagline, "His Evil Knows No Limit" on a black background.

Today, the countdown is over. Turns out Al Simmons (Todd McFarlane's original Spawn) is back and world-endingly angry.Now, I'll be honest. I had to Wikipedia Spawn's recent history to figure out what the deal was. Turns out Al is going to be the Anti-Monitor of the IU crossover, so-to-speak, meaning whatever evil shenanigans he's up to are the reason for Image's starting lineup to band together and effectively save the world.

With Robert Kirkman on writing duties, this move should play out pretty nicely, especially given his admitted love of the early '90s. Until the book drops in November fans will have to speculate on why Simmons took such a wrong turn. I speculate it has something to do with not having a good complexion for so many years.

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