Today, on the eve of America's annual celebration of its independence, Oni Press releases a hardcover collection of a comic about one of the nation's greatest unsolved mysteries. Well, it was unsolved, until Brian Churilla revealed The Secret History of D.B. Cooper.

D.B. Cooper, the alias of America's only successful sky hijacker, extorted a quarter of a million bucks from a flight going from Portland to Seattle in the Fall of 1971 (note: it's a super short flight). The FBI never successfully identified or apprehended him, and most believe him dead, but Churilla ensures us all otherwise -- Like, he actually took a bunch of drugs and fought monsters inside the comprehensive human mindcape using a katana and wearing sunglasses.

We got an early look at the originally four-issue miniseries back in March, but thanks to Oni Press, you can explore even deeper into the book's 152 full-color pages.

From Oni's official solicitation info:

The most infamous airline hijacker of all time, D.B. Cooper remains on the FBI’s most-wanted list almost 40 years after the crime. For the first time, the secret history will be revealed. During the height of the Cold War, a fringe group within the C.I.A. wages a crusade on the deadliest battlefield of all: the mind. Aided by powerful psychotropic compounds, Cooper assists in a campaign of psychic assassination against the Soviets. But are his government’s motives the same as his own, or is his true mission something else entirely? Collecting the hit series from visionary cartoonist Brian Churilla (Sixth Gun: Sons of The Gun, The Anchor), this oversized hardcover offers new insights into Cooper’s multi-faceted quest.

You can check out pages 115-122 of The Secret History of DB Cooper below.