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Artist Marcos Minuchin is back with a new series of The Secret Life of Toys, where he basically takes really cool/cute/funny pictures of action figures and LEGO and things like that and turns them into lovely and affordable prints. However, the artist describes his work slightly differently:

My photos are a reaction to the fake visual culture we live in today, with all types of realities: video games, Photoshop, wrestling matches and "reality" TV. It's a place where inspiration comes from a variety of sources and is influenced by everything I am subject to, a place where it citizens live a plastic life but not a fake one.

Well, anyway, the new series is very superhero-friendly, featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Robin, The Joker and more. All of Minuchin's prints hover around the $20 range, and you can purchase them at his Etsy shop here. For some of our favorites, click after the jump.