Here's a lovely way to say farewell to this horrible month of relentless Twilighting: "The Book Job," a recent episode of The Simpsons that features bestselling The Sandman writer Neil Gaiman in a supporting role. First broadcast on November 20, the story finds Gaiman recruited by Homer Simpson to aid in the cynical creation of a dubious young adult novel designed to cash in the popularity of Twilight and other terrible things like it. Homer's teen horror assembly line is quite brilliantly staffed with Bart Simpson, Principal Skinner, Moe Szyslak, Professor Fink and Patty Bouvier. Unfortunately for Gaiman, Homer relegates the American Gods author to caterer.

You can watch the whole episode after the cut.

Gaiman discussed his work on The Simpsons with Spinoff Online, saying the work was quite naturally enjoyable but also observing that the state of teen literature has changed significantly since he released Neverwhere 15 years ago.

"Quite honestly the biggest change in teen horror is there wasn't any. The biggest change in teen lit is that it exists," Gaiman said, adding, "If you go back even 15 years there was definitely a tendency at that point to go from kids' books to adult books. The idea that people would be writing books aimed primarily at a teen audience is really cool and really new, and the idea of YA books being genre books is, again, cool and new."

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