For the first time in what seems like years, FOX finally did right by The Simpsons' 20th Tree House Of Horror by airing it, y'know, before October 31 rather than in November (well, I guess that's more of a baseball issue than a FOX issue).

Even better, Kotaku caught a shot that most comic book and video game fans will want to see, with Springfield's most notable bully trio clad in sci-fi-tastic outfits.

Even if the costumes reek of 2008ness, it's still pretty fun to see Jimbo as The Master Chief from "Halo," Kearney as "The Dark Knight's" Joker and Dolph as Venom (and/or Black Costume Spider-Man).

While it would have been even cooler to see more 2009ish references, like Kearny as Rosarch and Dolph as Wolverine, after this season's Superhero-centric premier, we probably shouldn't complain.

But you totally can in the comments.