Comics Alliance Gift Guide: What To Buy For Video Game Fans
There's always been a seamless crossover between video games and comic books, and odds are if you're a fan of one, you're a fan of the other. Comics have been adapted into video games and vice-versa for almost as long as video games have been "a thing," and as both mediums have evolved, so too has the quality of those crossovers. With the holidays around the corner, we've put together a selection of some of the best video game related comics and art books for the gamer in your life.
Master Chief Returns In New 'Halo' Anthology From Dark Horse
The hit first person-shooter, Halo, is returning to comics later this year in a brand new anthology from Dark Horse Comics; Halo: Tales From Slipspace. The collection brings together a host of the best creators from comics and Halo’s own 343 Industries to tell new stories set in the Halo universe.
Toy Fair 2014: Bandai's Sprukits Action Figure Model Kits
I wasn't expecting to see much past new Power Rangers toys when I visited Bandai America's booth at Toy Fair 2014, but I was straight up stoked when I rounded a corner to see its upcoming line of Banda Japan-designed SprüKits. What are SprüKits? Try all-new action figure model kits of Superman, Batman, Joker, Halo soldiers and more -- all available in several scales of size and complexity. Additio
Dark Horse Announces ‘Halo: Initiative’ Comic Miniseries By Reed And Castiello
The Halo comic book license will jump from Marvel to Dark Horse this August 14, with the release of the first issue of a new miniseries titled Halo: Initiation. As revealed by Wired yesterday, the mini will be written by longtime comic book writer, Halo: Fall of Reach novelist and Halo 4 video game scribe Brian Reed, with art by Marco Castiello of Secret Invasion: Front Line and Star Wars: Purge.
Super High-End ‘Halo’ Figures Coming From ThreeA Toys In August
McFarlane Toys and Diamond Select Toys have done a solid job of releasing characters and vehicles from across Halo video game canon in 6" and 2.5" scales (respectively) over the years, but the statue-like 1/6 scale has eluded collectors. Hot Toys covers this niche in the superhero/movie departments nicely, but what of iconic gaming franchises with ties to comics...
The Simpsons Bullies Sport Righteous Costumes In Tree House Of Horror XX
For the first time in what seems like years, FOX finally did right by The Simpsons' 20th Tree House Of Horror by airing it, y'know, before October 31 rather than in November (well, I guess that's more of a baseball issue than a FOX issue). Even better, Kotaku caught a shot that most comic book and video game fans will want to see, with Springfield's most notable bully trio clad in sci-fi-tastic ou

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