The seventh wave of Halo action figures from McFarlane Toys won't hit stores in time for the holidays, but there are plenty of gorgeous images to gawk at in the meanwhile. Toy News International has posted an extensive gallery of the Halo Series 7 action figures, which includes Sgt. Forge and Tartarus, who is armed with a massive gravity hammer that would do wonders towards my home improvement.

The line-up also includes some retailer exclusives, including the orange Spartan Security figure - equipped with two Brute Maulers - and the Spartan Hayabusa sporting a rocket launcher that probably doesn't really blow things up. The figures are exclusive to Toys 'R Us and GameStop stores, respectively. A weapons pack, which includes shotguns and plasma rifles aplenty, is exclusive to Target.

I have to admit that when I look at these and any other Halo action figures, my first thought doesn't go to playing the amazing video game series. It doesn't even head towards the surprisingly solid comic book series from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev (or the current "Halo: Helljumper" by Peter David and Eric Nguyen) comic book news outlet though we are.No, my first thoughts go to Neill Blomkamp, Peter Jackson, and the "Halo" movie that never was. It's impossible for me to look at the designs for these characters and not acknowledge how perfect the "District 9" creative duo would have been for a film adaptation of "Halo." I suppose the chances of this team-up happening aren't completely out the window -- in fact, they might be increased thanks to the success of "District 9" -- but I wonder if Blomkamp and Jackson themselves feel that the ship has sailed. Between Jackson's upcoming work on The Hobbit and Blomkamp's development of a new, original science fiction film, they just might not have time for the video game franchise anymore.

Ah well. There's always Michael Bay.