Negan is a special kind of horrible. As one of the few true nemeses Rick encountered in his time surviving the zombie apocalypse, Negan's earned a spot among the fandom that few characters from The Walking Dead ever attain. Say what you will about the Governor, but Negan makes that guy look like nothing more than an annoying gnat. There was just something about the ruthlessness in Negan's rule that made him someone to truly be feared, not just a guy working well above his pay grade in running a town of other survivors.

With such fervor for the character, it made sense that Negan would eventually make the leap to the television show. First however, he'll be getting a resin statue from McFarlane Toys.

The company's already released a few Negan figures and a collectible replica of his signature bat Lucille, this is the first time anyone but the most elite of characters from McFarlane's licenses is getting the statue treatment. Previously Rick Grimes got one, as did Spawn and Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed, but now that Negan's made the leap, you can see how popular he really has become since being introduced in The Walking Dead #100.

Designed by Todd McFarlane and the McFarlane team (the announcement's a little vague), Negan stands at 17" tall on a rotating base, and features the Survivor leader standing atop a pile of zombies he likely just vanquished. There's a lot of great detail in there, with the statue bringing more subtlety to the character's design than we'd typically see in Charlie Adlard's pages. I thought for sure there's be at least one wink towards Negan's most vile act in the pages of the book, but as grim as the statue is, there doesn't appear to be any gallows humor with regards to that one thing that happened that I won't spoil, even if it happened like three years ago.

The Walking Dead Negan Resin Statue will retail for $295.99 when it arrives this March. It's not currently available for pre-order but should be soon if it's expected to ship in a few months.


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