There's something about miniature versions of monstrous bad guy-crushing vehicles that makes the world smile. We've already covered the Dark Knight go-kart, but X-Boxphiles and Halo comics fans alike will shudder once they've seen this Fisher Price Power Wheels modded to look like "Halo's" Warthog.

As pointed out by Kotaku, YouTube user Flux83 built the replica, providing insights over at the forum for would-be replicators. Short story: He pretty much built the thing from scratch, reshaping and painting a used 2001 PW truck piece-by-piece before reassembling this fully-functional custom (aside from the machine gun of course).

It's a pretty impressive feat, and judging from the smile on Flux83's son's face, his mission is accomplished.

Check out a video demo after the jump.

Truly, this is the childhood Master Chief deserved.