McFarlane Toys and Diamond Select Toys have done a solid job of releasing characters and vehicles from across Halo video game canon in 6" and 2.5" scales (respectively) over the years, but the statue-like 1/6 scale has eluded collectors. Hot Toys covers this niche in the superhero/movie departments nicely, but what of iconic gaming franchises with ties to comics? It appears fans with way too much disposable income needn't wait any longer, the collector-driven ThreeA Productions is answering the call with 13.5" figures of Commander Carter and a Spartan commando sporting a Bambalandstore exclusive colorway. Both figures go on sale on Wednesday, August 1 at 9 a.m. Hong Kong time, with a $200 USD price tag. In the very likely event that you are not one of the select few to get your hands on one of these, you can simply admire the illustration work of ThreeA's Ashley Wood via a number of releases from IDW or thumb through Marvel's Halo: The Graphic Novel and dream of what might have been. You can get a closer look at ThreeA's Halo figures after the cut.

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[Via Hot Toys]

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