Bandai's spent most of the past four decades kicking out scores of action figures and model kits based on the numerous permutations of Go Nagai's Mazinger Z manga and anime, but later this year Threezero will get a chance to put their own spin on the super robot.

Initially teased by Threezero in in late 2013 with sketches and unpainted prototype images, the Hong Kong toymaker recently uploaded a series of "spy photos" of the fully-painted version of the figure, noting that its final design and articulation has been fully approved by Nagai and Dynamic Planning. It's unconfirmed whether the figure will come equipped with diecast parts to simulate Mazinger Z's "Super-Alloy Z" body from the mech series, but it appears to be a principally plastic offering in photos.

Threezero's spin on the figure makes takes the traditionally streamlined and somewhat seemless classic Mazinger Z mech and opens him up a bit with some more exposed outer mechanical/pneumatic elements, plus more motorized-looking weaponry -- most notably on the wrist-mounted blades used for the robot's "Iron Cutter" attack.

While Threezero promises to show more images of its Mazinger Z figure in the coming weeks, fans are likely going to be most curious to see how the company handles its various "Rocket Punch" attacks. These prototype photos show the figure in a rocket punch pose, but it's unknown whether the fist pieces will properly fire from the toy's arms or even detach at all. Bandai's Super Robot Chogokin line has worked in numerous effect parts to achieve poses that dramatically recreate the mech's fighting capabilities, so it should be interesting to see how Threezero approaches all of the character's combat modes.

An official release date and pricing info haven't been revealed, but the 16" tall figure is likely to arrive before the end of 2014.