Until Fallout 4 came around, collectibles based on the franchise were few and far between. There were hoodies and bobbleheads, but if you wanted a vault dweller or Brotherhood of Steel action figure, your options were basically non-existent until this latest sequel arrived. Unlike previous entries, Fallout 4 brought with it a number of apparel and collectible options. Though some made it to market early enough to capture the hype and momentum of Fallout 4's release, ThreeZero's Fallout 4 Power Armor figure is going to be a little late to the party. Not that it matters all that much, because as any Fallout fan can attest, there ain't no party like a Fallout party cause a Fallout party never stops.

The T-45 Power Armor is just the first of a planned line of power suits from ThreeZero, but it being the lead-in makes sense given how prominent the "standard" suit is in the game. Previous Fallout titles all just had you get the armor and slap it on, but with Fallout 4 came the Power Armor frame. Without one, you couldn't assemble your own suit, but with one, you could customize each and every aspect to suit your particular needs. Instead of just giving us the suit all articulated, ThreeZero's gone one further and replicated the frame as well, giving you just as many options for customization as you have in the game. In theory.

With the figure, you get all the attachments necessary to turn the standard frame into the signature armor that's played a part in Fallout games since their inception. The T-45 was the first battle armor used by the United States in the war with China and the USSR. There are still a lot of the suits in action 200 years later when the games take place. There were numerous iterations to the uniform as time went by, but the T-45 has always managed to find a place in common use. Provided you've got a Fusion Core.

Underneath all that armor is the frame with the human driver, which in this case is based on the default male model from Fallout 4. It doesn't look like the human portion is removable from the frame, though the head can be popped off to fit the helmet instead. I'll admit being a little bummed out that the figure is coming with the male model, but that's mostly because I play Fallout as a woman. Given that there are potential plans in place for additional Fallout 4 figures, there's still a chance the default female avatar might get her moment in the sun. Given that the human body isn't removable, all it would really take is sculpting a new head. Without the need to create an entirely new body, making a female head isn't that unreasonable.

The male head does look just like the in-game version, which happens to look like Adrian Brody's far less handsome brother and Jim Caviezel's less handsome brother had a weird baby clone. The only real accessory the power armor comes with is an AER-9 Laser Rifle, with the exclusive edition also getting a minigun to take on super mutants. The armor stand isn't sold as part of the package, which makes sense financially, but would have made displaying the pieces much easier. It's a magnificent piece though, and is probably one of the best Fallout collectibles to hit the market, even if it is priced out of the range of many fans.

The Fallout 4 T-45 Power Armor will be available for $380 in the standard edition, with the ThreeZero exclusive running you $398. Both will be up for order at the ThreeZero store on Jan. 28 at 9AM Hong Kong time.

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