It's been just a bit over two years since Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall arrived on the Xbox One (and PC). While the developer is readying the sequel for release later this year, ThreeZero's been plugging away at bringing the fantastic mechs from Titanfall's spacefaring future to life. Since 2014, ThreeZero's released an Atlas Titan and a Stryder Titan, but the Ogre has been waiting patiently for its chance to get in on the action. As my preferred mech of choice for the game back when I was playing on the regular, all I can say is it's about damn time.

Now obviously when you're making figures at this scale with this much detail and moving parts, it's going to take some time to get everything in order. ThreeZero has a number of other projects its involved with as well, so getting the equivalent of one Titan mech a year since 2014 isn't necessarily a bad pace. The Atlas and Stryder were tremendous collectibles, but with that excellence in execution comes a hefty price tag. Titans aren't cheap to produce in Titanfall (though the IMC and M-Cor go through them like napkins on rib night), and the same goes for them in action figure form. The final products are something else though, and the Ogre looks to keep up that positive trend.

Both the Stryder and Atlas were branded as IMC mechs, but the Ogre is actually getting an M-Cor paint job. Though some fans are a little irked by having a collection of mechs that won't have matching paint jobs, it's cool to have an opposing faction mech in the set. Curiously, the reasoning behind the move is that ThreeZero was only granted the license for the M-Cor model, which is a strange bit of licensing on Respawn's part. Still, the M-Cor paint app brings some needed variety to the Titanfall series. White, battle-damaged mechs are nice, but the olive and orange really pops since so few figures use a palette like that.

The Ogre comes in at around 20" tall, just like the first two Titans, and is loaded with detail and articulation, too. Though ThreeZero will point to there being over 100 points of articulation, that's including all the little tiny pieces you can adjust. The real maneuverable parts have a drastically smaller number, but the Atlas and Stryder were more than capable of being put into a number of poses, even if they weren't always cooperative. Unlike the Stryder, which gave me a lot of trouble trying to balance the massive gun in its hands, the Ogre looks to have the size and weight to handle hoisting the included 40mm canon.

A new pilot figure is also part of the package, and it too is getting a brand new sculpt and weapon (R97 sub-machine gun). I'll be curious to see if it's any easier to get the pilot into the cockpit this time around. Both the Atlas and the Stryder proved that to be a bit more complicated than necessary, though why anyone would want to hide the pilot inside the mech instead of displaying it is beyond me. The 6" figure is fully articulated and decked out in fabric and plastic armor, and will do well to stand out from its counterparts in the line.

The ThreeZero M-Cor Ogre Titan will available for pre-order on March 29, and will cost you $450. The exclusive edition is only available through ThreeZero's store, and includes the ARC Canon weapon as an additional accessory. There is no release date available at the moment.

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