New Star Wars Game Coming From Titanfall Devs
The marketing blitz of Star Wars Day did not disappoint this May the Fourth, with a number of announcements for new toys, statutes, clothing, books and more hitting the web. While most of the reveals were expected, and welcome, EA dropped arguably the biggest surprise of the day. In addition to continued support by DICE from Star Wars Battlefront, the various mobile teams working on portable Star Wars experiences, and Viscerals upcoming secret Star Wars adventure, now Respawn Entertainment would be joining the mix. That's right, the developers who helped craft the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that went on to form an all-new studio and launch the Titanfall series will dive head first into the galactic waters of Star Wars video games.
ThreeZero's Titanfall Ogre Can Finally Join the Fight
It's been just a bit over two years since Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall arrived on the Xbox One (and PC). While the developer is readying the sequel for release later this year, ThreeZero's been plugging away at bringing the fantastic mechs from Titanfall's spacefaring future to life. Since 2014, ThreeZero's released an Atlas Titan and a Stryder Titan, but the Ogre has been waiting patiently for its chance to get in on the action. As my preferred mech of choice for the game back when I was playing on the regular, all I can say is it's about damn time. Now obviously when you're making figures at this scale with this much detail and moving parts, it's going to take some time to get everything in order. ThreeZero has a number of other projects its involved with as well, so getting the equivalent of one Titan mech a year since 2014 isn't necessarily a bad pace. The Atlas and Stryder were tremendous collectibles, but with that excellence in execution comes a hefty price tag. Titans aren't cheap to produce in Titanfall (though the IMC and M-Cor go through them like napkins on rib night), and the same goes for them in action figure form. The final products are something else though, and the Ogre looks to keep up that positive trend.
Horrible on Hoth, Subpar on Sullust: My Life in Star Wars Battlefront
I've often thought about what it would be like to actually take part in the Battle of Hoth. In The Empire Strikes Back, we saw only a glimpse of the chaos that ensued once the Imperial Army found the Rebel base on the icy planet, and didn't truly get an idea of the conflict that broke out. It makes sense considering the films follow such a small cast of characters, and can't just spend hours on showing the ins and outs of one space battle. That's why I was excited to dive head first the galactic civil war with Star Wars Battlefront later this year. At least, until I played a little bit of the beta this week at New York Comic Con. Now, don't take that to mean that I've lost all my interest. Quite the opposite, in fact. I'm just not all that interested in living out the Battle of Hoth from the Rebel perspective anymore. While the films and comics and books have always talked about the strength and power of the Imperial side of the conflict, you don't truly grasp how daunting a task it must have been for the Rebel Alliance to pull out such tremendous victories until you're planted firmly in their boots. It's impressive that any of the ships escaping Hoth made it out of there alive, especially if any of those Rebel troopers fought as poorly as I did.
Marvel’s ComiXology Crash, SimCity, And The Perils Of Supply And Digital Demand
At 2PM Eastern on Sunday, March 10, Marvel announced at the South by Southwest Interactive conference -- among a bunch of interesting new announcements regarding the intersections between digital media and comics -- that they were promoting the digital comics medium, and their own books, by offering over 700 first issues for free through the wildly popular and borderline monopolistic Comixology cl
‘Mass Effect’ Anime Movie Coming Later This Year
The average gamer probably still has about a week or two left of fresh Mass Effect 3 gameplay ahead of them (if they savor the experience), but aside form some DLC, the series will more or less conclude after that. Fortunately for ME-starved fans, there's considerable expanded universe material on the way, including an anime feature later this year from EA, BioWare, FUNimation, T...