The marketing blitz of Star Wars Day did not disappoint this May the Fourth, with a number of announcements for new toys, statutes, clothing, books and more hitting the web. While most of the reveals were expected, and welcome, EA dropped arguably the biggest surprise of the day. In addition to continued support by DICE from Star Wars Battlefront, the various mobile teams working on portable Star Wars experiences, and Viscerals upcoming secret Star Wars adventure, now Respawn Entertainment would be joining the mix. That's right, the developers who helped craft the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that went on to form an all-new studio and launch the Titanfall series will dive head first into the galactic waters of Star Wars video games.

Everything is being kept tightly under wraps at the moment, but EA did detail Respawn's upcoming game would be a third-person action title. What's more, the development team is being led by Stig Asmussen. You might recall him from those Art Institute commercials that were running seemingly everywhere a few years ago, or perhaps from his role as director of God of War III. Clearly, he's got the credentials, but his experience in the third-person action arena should play well in the realm of Star Wars.

Whatever this game is, it won't just be a copy pasta swapping Kratos for a Jedi, but even it was, that would be a pretty dang amazing game. They tried something similar with The Force Unleashed, but those games just never struck the same chord as more memorable action titles.

With this announcement though, it's clear that nearly every studio at EA is working on something Star Wars-related, save for one --- The Sims Studio. It'll likely be some time until Respawn's Star Wars game is anywhere near ready though, as Titanfall 2 is still yet to come (most likely later this fall), and Visceral's mystery game has a little bit of lead time on it already. DICE will continue holding down the console fort in the meantime, but at least now we can start dreaming of what kind of potential experience Respawn is working on.

Perhaps we'll learn more about these games this summer at E3 and Star Wars Celebration. Or you know, you could get a job working on one of them and just tell us everything.

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