More new information about the Mass Effect anime movie from EA, BioWare, FUNimation, T.O Entertainment and Production I.G. has surfaced. In addition to showing off some new character and vehicle images and pieces of production art, T.O's latest video gives the whole project a name. Titled, Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, the feature serves as a prologue to the Mass Effect 3 game and tells the story of Alliance Marine James Vega as he and his team of soldiers protect a space colony from an invading force known as "The Collectors." It's still painfully unclear if Freddie "Raddest Dude Ever" Prinze Jr. will reprise his ME3 role as Vega in the anime, but hopefully we'll find out long before Paragon Lost's summer 2012 release on digital and disc formats. Check out the latest look at the upcoming Mass Effect anime feature after the cut.

[Via ANN]

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