The average gamer probably still has about a week or two left of fresh Mass Effect 3 gameplay ahead of them (if they savor the experience), but aside form some DLC, the series will more or less conclude after that. Fortunately for ME-starved fans, there's considerable expanded universe material on the way, including an anime feature later this year from EA, BioWare, FUNimation, T.O Entertainment and Production I.G. Dailymotion caught up with Funimation's Justin Rojas at SXSW and learned that the anime will star ME3 Alliance soldier James Vega (or as he's known by his admirers here at CA, FREDDIE PRINZE JR. IN SPACE!) and delve into his backstory. It's unknown whether Prinze will reprise his voice acting role for the anime, but surely its makers wouldn't deny us our favorite dude. Check out Dailymotion's SXSW interview and stills featuring the Mass Effect anime movie concept art after the jump.

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[Via Kotaku]

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