Fans who've been waiting to see Ashely Wood's fully-realized take on The Invincible Iron Man need wait no longer. 3A Toys has revealed four colorways for its Invincible Iron Man figure and teased a preorder release timeframe of February.

There'll be four Iron Man figures in total, each representing a different era in Tony Stark's engineering career. Classic red and gold armor, Silver Centurion armor, and the gray "Stark Industries Prototype" armor. 3A's fourth figure will be a white/blank "prototype" version of the toy, similar to the one seen in the first wave of press releases announcing the toymaker's reportedly "hands-off" partnership with Marvel.  The Prototype Iron Man will be the hardest to come by, however, and be limited to 3AA members or those who pick up a forthcoming "Mega 4 Pack Display Box Edition." Pricing information is still in the offing, but we'll update as it becomes available.

These four Iron Man figures won't be the sole Marvel offering from 3A for long. Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spider-Man and others are confirmed to be in the pipeline as well. We'll see if 3A has surprises in store to reveal at Toy Fair 2014 next month.

You can see the upcoming Invincible Iron Man figures from 3A Toys below.


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The Invincible Iron Man 3A Toys
3A-The-Invincible-Iron-Man 2
3A-The-Invincible-Iron-Man 3


[Via 3A]

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