Just weeks after rolling out its fully-painted Invincible Iron Man figure assortment, 3A hit Toy Fair 2014 with a prototype of its second Marvel Comics offering: Doctor Doom.

Though the Doom prototype shared some sculpt elements with the Iron Man figure, 3A said that the final version of the figure would stand taller than the 13.5" Tony Stark and come with bigger shoulder pads and its own unique belt and holster (with mauser-like gun, of course). The figure's unique LED light-up piping will be even more thoroughly distributed through its body -- including a chest piece -- than the unpainted prototype shows, to boot.

Doom's release date hasn't been cemented just yet, but it will follow Iron Man's rollout in the third quarter of 2014. Figures of Ultron, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Red Skull, Captain America and more will follow.

You can see Doom, along with 3A's Iron Man ensemble, below.