Bart Simpson was a pretty edgy cat when The Simpsons debuted in 1989, what with his skateboarding, slingshotting and his "Eat my shorts!" yelling. Bart's boarding may not afford him as much "bad boy" cred in a 2011 where your grandparents know who guys like Tony Hawk and Shaun White are, but it's still pretty thrilling to see Santa Cruz Skateboards fully replicate Bart's board as part of their super stylin' Simpsons line. Don't have a cow, man. Check out The Simpsons skateboards after the jump.

The Bart, Homer and Duff designs all sport their signature Simpsons looks, with complete models carrying a price tag of around $132. Some decks are sold solo for around $75, though. Santa Cruz also sports a Simpsons sticker sheet, but I'd feel a little bad covering their already awesome designs. Can we get a Bongo Comics logo board next?

See select images of the Santa Cruz The Simpsons skateboards below:

The Bart Model

The Homer

Duff Can

Duff Pintail

Homer One Micro


[Via Geek Art]

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