Since the dawn of time, mailaway action figures have been a staple of the scene. That is, if you consider the dawn of time to be the day Kenner started releasing Star Wars figures. Though the trend has died down significantly in the era of the Internet, exclusives are still a very important part of toy collecting. As one of the final companies to offer mailaway incentives, the now defunct ToyFare magazine was one of the last bastions of the trend.

Say what you will about the Wizard magazine empire, but for a long time, it's brand of geek culture coverage was all many of us had. ToyFare in particular was a great place for collectors to see what was coming, learn the history of industry, and to see how the sausage was made. What made the magazine even more special were the brand partnerships that allowed ToyFare to offer a variety of different collectibles based on Marvel, DC, animation and indie comic characters. Plus, you didn't have have cash and a dozen UPCs to send in to get your hands on something as rudimentary as a William "Refrigerator" Perry figure.

ToyFare had a lot of exclusive figures during its run, but I managed to whittle down the choices to the 10 Most Memorable ToyFare Mailaway Figures. It was an arduous process that involved much handwringing, arguing with myself, chin scratching, ceiling-staring and arbitrary coin-flipping as any list you've ever read on the internet. Seriously, it was like 12 Angry Men in my head. Except, you know, about action figures.


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