If 2009's animated multiversal epic "Turtles Forever" taught fans of the TMNT one thing, it's that the goofy '80s TV series was, like, mondo insane. That insanity stemmed from the inherent innocence of the show's cartoon violence, which somehow never amounted to a single real casualty (although they cut through robots by the thousands). Now, thanks to a new short by Collegehumor, fans can finally see why that balance had to be upheld.

After stumbling upon the knowledge that snuffing out their foes with their ninja weapons is much easier than having to put a stop to their schemes time and again, the turtles go on something of a rampage - a massively entertaining rampage. It's all fun and games for awhile, but as Topless Robot points out, the TMNT learn a valuable lesson in the end.

Check out the video after the jump, but don't be surprised if you end up ordering a pizza afterward.