Last week's announcement that Yen Press would publish a manga-style adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series of novels may not inspire much confidence in the old school comics crowd (i.e. the lads and ladies older than 15), but fans of the series will be relieved to hear that the adaptation will have author Stephenie Meyer's seal of approval.

The sketches by artist Young Kim look pretty nice, though. Edward and Bella retain what are roughly movie likenesses of Robert Pattinson (remember to put in two T's when conducting online searches to avoid Chick tracts folks) and Kristen Stewart with a fine manhwa sensibility.

And just in case purists are worried the narrative won't live up to Meyer's prose, Yen Press' Kurt Hassler says the comic is under the author's loving eyes. "Stephenie is reviewing every page, every panel. People should feel like they are getting a rare glimpse inside her vision of the property," he told Entertainment Weekly.

No release date has been announced for Twilight fans' next batch of personal heroin, but Comic-Con may hold the secret.