There's a lot of love going around for "The Variants" on the blogosphere today, and having watched the comic shop sitcom's latest Webisode "Passholes," I'm pleased to report it's well deserved.

We've covered the show before here at CA, back when episode three arrived online. Now that I'm all caught up on the series' 15 minuteish installments I've got to say the newest episode is probably their strongest.

Faced with the impending onslaught of freeloading non-customers seeking movie preview passes (Passholes, if you will), the store employees are trapped inside the store overnight facing a zombie-like horde when the decision is made to open early.My personal favorite moment comes when "The Crow" creator James O'Barr stops in for a completely unexpected cameo, unceremoniously bumming a cigarette adorned in a T-shirt celebrating his native Detroit.

I could point out a few shaky camera and weird audio moments that proved a touch distracting during this episode's opening and closing scenes, but "The Variants" team is surely aware and has probably already rectified these issues. Besides, it's more fun to praise the cast for their ever-evolving comedic timing and overall comfort in front of the camera. Viewers will notice a clear progression from episodes 1-4 and it's nice to watch the show settle in and really find its voice.

Overall "Passholes" is another fun entry into what's shaping up to be a regular watch for me. In my opinion, it's pretty much essential viewing for comic book shop regulars or folks who enjoy workplace wepisodery.