War is on the horizon for Mark Grayson, and judging from his previous beatdowns at the hands of his father's evil alien race, it may not be a conflict he'll walk away from.

Image Comics is teasing some serious carnage in the new "The Viltrumite War is Coming" poster, and given Kirkman's history of shockers in "Invincible," it's not an empty threat. From his first battle with his father, to his skirmish with an unnamed female Viltrumite and his most recent near-fatal out with Conquest, Invincible's status as a half-human, half-alien hasn't seemed to have worked in his favor thus far.

Still, all of that could change as Invincible returns to his traditional blue-and-yellow costume in February 24's "Invincible Returns." The one-shot's slated to bring longtime readers up to speed on the story while introducing potential new audiences before The Viltrumite War official kicks off in "Invincible" #71 this March.

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