Last month we recommended artist Lisa Hanawalt's occasional illustrated movie reviews at online magazine The Hairpin, on the occasion of her War Horse review. Well, she's got another fine film review this month, of a movie that sounds a lot less romantic than the love affair between a boy and his horse, actual romance movie The Vow. This one's at Vanity Fair's blog, rather than The Hairpin, but the format is the same-and the writing as sharp, the jokes as funny and the imagery as compelling.The Vow, for those of you who prefer your movies to be based on comic books and/or to feature superheroes, is an "eagerly anticipated" romance timed by its studio to be this year's big Valentine's Day date movie. It stars Dear John alum Channing Tatum (better known as Duke) as a loyal husband trying to win back the affection of his wife Rachel McAdams after she loses her memory in a car accident. So it's kind of like Adam Sandler vehicle 50 First Dates, only not at all.

Hanawalt took it in and did her usual fine job of film criticism, which involves lots of illustrations, notes on the crowd in the theater and what they had to say-and scream at the screen-about the film and, of course, the subway ride home.

Check out the entire review here, and visit Hanawalt's website for more of her work.

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