Humans are back, baby!... at least in Series 5 of The Walking Dead Minimates line from Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys. No, the tide isn't really turning in the war between humans and zombines in the TWD narrative in comics or on AMC's TV adaptation, but the latest Minimate two-packs at least focus primarily on the living. Seven survivors and just one zombie are coming in June -- and it's just a "Geek Zombie." Glenn, Maggie, Tyreese, Michonne, Morgan and Martinez should have no trouble surviving his attacks. What's he going to do? Talk to them about continuity errors to death (like we would)?

The upcoming series will pair Riot Gear Glenn with Maggie, Tyreese with Prison Michonne, and Survivor Morgan with the aforementioned Geek Zombie. There'll also be a 1-per-case variant set that couples GZ with Martinez. Yeah, we're just calling him "GZ" now.

The two-packs will retail for around $9 when the arrive this summer, but full sets of all four Minimate two-packs are also available for preorder for $30.

See the human-filled fifth series of The Walking Dead Minimates up close below.


The Walking Dead Minimates Series 05


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