We saw several figures from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum's fourth wave of The Walking Dead comic series Minimates back in April, but in a new post at DailyDead, fans can finally see a whole lot more zombies (and a few humans) that are set to arrive at retail this month.

Based on the comic book artwork of Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, the new figures will come in the usual two-packs mixing humans with undead antagonists. Comic book shops and specialty stores will see packs matching The Governor with Bruce, a Hooded Michonne with Gabe, Lori and baby Judith with a Shoulder Zombie, and Alice with a Shoulder Zombie.

Two packs coming to Toys "R" Us will pair The Governor with a Jaw Zombie, Hooded Michonne with a Crawling Zombie, Survivor Rick with a Shot Zombie, and Riot Gear Governor with a Biker Zombie. Alas, Biker Zombie does not come with a sweet hog or chopper for popping wheelies.

You can get a better look at The Walking Dead series 4 Minimates below.




[Via DailyDead]

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