20th Century Fox poster designers can rest easy knowing that Darren Aronofsky, director of the new Wolverine film, has forgone the presumptive title, X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. for the far more succinct and visually serene name of The Wolverine.

The news comes courtesy of HitFix, who report that the new Hugh Jackman film is not a direct sequel to the harshly reviewed 2009 Wolverine film -- which, again, was actually called X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- but rather a "one-off" inspired by the 1982 Marvel Comics graphic novel by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller which was called just Wolverine -- no "the" -- and depicted the popular X-Man stabbing loads of ninjas in Japan.The title for the next Wolverine film seems to follow what may or may not be a trend of adding the definite article "the" to superhero movie titles, although to be honest we can't think of that many. Such is the power of collective consciousness. But certainly, you heard "the" a lot in reference to "The Green Lantern" in Entertainment Tonight's preview of Green Lantern, and we can probably expect a lot more of this sort of thing going forward.

The Green Lantern

The Iron Man 3

The The Dark Knight Rises

Interestingly, visionary director Michael Bay bucks the trend by actually removing "The" from his Transformers movies, and he's taking this economy of speech even further with the third film by removing the word "side" from the title, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

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