Miley Cyrus may understand the concept of a secret identity from her years of "Hannah Montana" silliness, starring as a normal girl who essentially puts on a costume to become a rock star. That duality, however, is pretty much where Cyrus' qualifications to play a superhero end.

According to Hollywoodscoop, an insider claimed the teen singing sensation has actually auditioned for the role of Batgirl.

"She was sort of hopping around the room and had even written some dialog for herself," said the source, "The problem is, some people aren't really convinced Miley has the acting chops to pull it off."

You don't say?

To be honest, it's not as if Batgirl has ever been given decent representation in live action television or film. From the cute but laughably sexist Yvonne Craig portrayal in 1967 to Alicia Silverstone's just plain laughable role in Joel Schumacher's "Batman and Robin," Batgirl could use a little mainstream redemption. Of course, I don't think most fans can even imagine the concept of a Batgirl in the Nolanverse, so it's probably nothing to get hung up about.