Hey! It's Friday. This week that means new comics. Is that a surprise? I'm mildly surprised. Also, this week, Greg McElhatton returns with some new manga for the kids! The kids love the manga! Here he goes!


ARIA was one of those books I'd always seen but never read--so maybe it's my fault that ADV cancelled it after three volumes, oops. Fortunately TokyoPop is giving me (and everyone else) a second chance. In the future Mars is colonized and flooded with water, so cities are based on a certain famous Italian place full of canals. Set in Neo-Venezia, ARIA isn't apparently about terribly much, but Shaenon Garrity's write-up sounds so great, I must give it a try.
Hikaru No Go
Who knew playing the boardgame Go could be so exciting? Every time I read about Hikaru's latest Go-playing adventures, I want to try and become a professional Go player, complete with an ancient spirit that only I can see hovering over my shoulder and giving advice. Seriously, this series is the bomb. You must read it.

If I had and ancient spirit hovering over my shoulder I would probably freak out. And play board games of course. But I don't, so instead I read comics! Here's a couple I'll read this week.

Teen Titans Year OneTEEN TITANS YEAR ONE #1
#1 awesome artist Karl Kerschl and #1 awesome TEEN TITANS GO! TV-show writer Amy Wolfram take a look at the early years (or I guess just year) of comics' oldest teenagers. It has Aquaman riding a seahorse in it. That's a superpower, right?

Gravel #0

Warren Ellis is the name of a giant corporation that publishes 700 comics a month. This week, two new products debut.
ELLIS: Taste the Future.

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