Some artists alley-dwelling sketch providers really go the extra mile with their services, and Thomas Boatwright appears to be that kind of man. From Ghost Rider and Scrooge McDuck to Conan doing laundry and Superman fighting giant robots, he's definitely got range; he's also drawn one of the most profound Popeye story pitches you've never read in his illustration of the spinach-loving sailor saving Olive Oyl from a vampire.
Boatwright's got his own comics, too-namely Cemetery Blues and Zeke Deadwood: Zombie Lawman, which you'll find examples from alongside his vast archive of commissions at deviantART and his Sequential Matinee blog.

Seriously though, who among you does not want to see a follow-up sketch of Popeye slugging that stake through Dracula's heart? In fact, someone out there has to be able to greenlight that concept as an animated Halloween special. If you are that person, please do us all a solid and make it happen.

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