There were two glaring omissions from Captain America: Civil War: namely, Avengers Thor and Bruce Banner, who were nowhere to be found in the film’s whopping two hour and 27-minute runtime. Thor: Ragnarök director Taika Waititi obviously noticed this and thought he’d have some fun with it, so he created a short mockumentary about what the God of Thunder got up to during his absence that was screened at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and recently released online. While that video was only a one-shot, there might be a chance that Thor’s Australian “roommate” Darryl might make another appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The video, entitled “Team Thor” introduces us to Thor’s new roommate Darryl Jacobson and chronicles Thor’s attempts to fit into normal society. While Taika Waititi was speaking with IGN about his hilarious and charming new movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople, he answered a question as vaguely as possible, in true Marvel fashion, about whether or not we’ll see Darryl once more.

I think you probably could see him again. There may be other little pieces of that thing that everyone saw that may just be a small part of a bigger thing.

This response is full of favorite Marvel buzzwords like “may” and “think” and “probably,” and it could just be Waititi saying that he’d certainly be down to bring Darryl into the wider universe, but not that he has any concrete plans to do so. That “small part of a bigger thing” business sounds suspiciously like some plans might exist somewhere, but we just can’t be sure. There’s a small chance that Darryl could make a cameo in one of the upcoming Marvel outings, and it sounds like Waititi isn’t done with his character quite yet.

Thor: Ragnarök hits theaters November 3, 2017.