The last time we saw Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and pop Odin (Anthony Hopkins) together, they were busy standing in dramatic poses as part of Entertainment Tonight's set visit. Now the thunder god son and his all-father, along with the mischievous Loki (Tom Hiddleston), seem to be smiling for their close ups in a new image released by Marvel.

Thanks to the miracle of trendy technology, Odin's pearly whites could especially sparkle when "Thor" lands in theaters next May. As reported by the LA Times entertainment blog, the film will join "Captain America: The First Avenger" as a 3D feature. Yes, another 3D movie. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige did his best to console jaded viewers:

"In being able to think in 3-D from the start -- and having every bit of our special effects rendered in true 3-D -- we have the opportunity to do it right," Feige said. "When you're working with a director like Ken Branagh or Joe Johnston, they're not going to settle for less than perfect image. They're not going to settle for something that isn't up to the artistry of everything else they've done on the film ... they're not going to put on some overlay in the last 10 to 12 weeks of post-production for a fiscal reason."

Marvel's promising plenty more "Thor" news as next week's Comic-Con coverage ramps up, but there's plenty of food for thought for Thor fans. Share your thoughts on Asgard's fashions and 3D in the comments.[Via the LA Times]

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