We’ve heard Hulk grunt and pant and do all the things big guys do when they’re Hulk-smashing their foes, but we’ve yet to hear the giant Avenger speak. That may change in Thor: Ragnarok, as Mark Ruffalo previously hinted that we’ll finally see Bruce Banner and the Hulk interact — something that’s already happened in the comics. Lending credence to that idea is Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, who has a few things to say regarding whether or not Hulk will have a few things to say.

Waititi has had a busy couple of weeks giving interviews for his new film Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which debuted at Sundance last week. But now that he’s signed on to direct a big Marvel movie, Waititi has been fielding questions about his plans for Thor: Ragnarok. Obviously, he can’t say too much, but in an interview with HitFix, Waititi spoke about the possibility of hearing Hulk speak for the first time, and this is what he had to say:

It’s interesting, because at the moment, there’s a big conversation that’s happening about how far to push that. Whether or not The Hulk should be [verbal/conscious]… I think a lot of those conversations have more to do with what’s going to come up in future movies. So I think a lot of those decisions are larger group decisions, rather than anything to do with just me or the writer. They have a lot of stuff that they have to consider. But I do think that’s the best way to track it. I think we all want that. I think we all want to see that development and the evolution of that character. I also think you can do it in a fun way.

Ruffalo has described Thor: Ragnarok as a road movie similar to Midnight Run, pairing Hulk and Thor up for their own cosmic adventure. But you can’t exactly have a buddy road movie without some witty dialogue, which has us wondering if Hulk will begin to speak, or if he’ll just continue responding to other characters with comical grunts and smashes.

Though Ruffalo’s Hulk hasn’t been as dominant in the MCU, the actor recently said that his story leading up to Avengers: Infinity War will essentially form its own standalone movie. And with Banner finding it increasingly difficult to separate from his big green alter ego, it wouldn’t surprise us if we see the two identities begin to meld and co-exist — and if Banner gains more control over the Hulk, hearing the big guy talk isn’t totally implausible.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.


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