A little more info about what's to come in November's Thor: The Dark World has come to light thanks to USA Today, including what role Natalie Portman's Jane Foster will play in the proceedings, as well as where a big chunk of the action will take place.

Some new promo photos from the Alan Taylor-directed sequel also show Chris Hemsworth's many emotions of Thor. Check out the full photos and some potentially spoilery details after the jump.

It looks like the Thor movie franchise is taking the Crocodile Dundee route. While the first film focused on the title character getting used to a new and unfamiliar place, the second will be mostly set in his homeland of Asgard, while it's his lady love that has to do the acclimating.

Even though Thor's in the doghouse for not getting in touch with Jane when he last visited Earth in The Avengers, he'll be driven to bring her to Asgard to protect her from an imminent threat. The prominence of Asgard in the new film is a key reason why Taylor, who has directed a ton of high-prestige TV shows including Game of Thrones, was brought on as director.

"We were worried about coming across as hokey or whatever," Hemsworth told USA Today. "If there is anyone who can pull off a fantastical world like Asgard with a great amount of integrity, it is Alan Taylor, as we've seen in Game of Thrones."

Expect some love triangulation going on, too, as Thor's dad Odin lobbies for his son to date a nice Asgardian girl, Sif, rather than some Midgardian.

As for the movie's big conflict, it'll feature Thor and Tom Hiddleston's Loki teaming up to take on the Dark Elf Malekith, played by Christopher Eccleston.

Thor: The Dark World opens November 8.

[Via USA Today]

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