Fans got an eyeful of Thor: The Dark World last week with set photos and video depicting Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Sif (Jaimie Alexander) battling among what resembled old bearded humans rocking Naruto headbands and some elf/gremlin/orc-looking fellows, but it wasn't quite clear why these groups were clashing or why the God of Thunder was seemingly caught in the middle. This nature of the film's plot will likely remain a mystery until closer to its planned November 8 release date in 2013, but the latest images from the same UK filming location do give fans a better look at the creatures now being called "Marauders" from the film, who (along with their human allies/foes) can be seen brandishing previously unseen rifle-like weapons. See what you make of the latest set photos from Thor: The Dark World after the jump.

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