Have you heard about Ultron? He's the big bad in the most recent summer blockbuster from Marvel Studios, Avengers: Age of Ultron. His name is in the title. It's pretty hard to miss. Isn't it a nice coincidence then that ThreeA Toys is releasing a new sixth-scale Ultron figure?

Based on designs by Ashley Wood, the Ultron figures all share core elements, though their compositions are slightly different. If you're familiar at all with ThreeA's previous Marvel figures based on Dr. Doom or Iron Man, it's basically the same gist, only this time the figure is a bit more relevant to the current pop culture status of the character.

There will be a standard version, which sports a shiny silver shell, a ghost version, which is bright white in appearance, and a shadow edition, which has a deep matte black colorway. Each sports multiple points of articulation, from shoulders and elbows, right down to his digits. All three figures also include a light-up feature, which illuminates Ultron's head, chest and back in a bright blueish-white light.

The design harkens back to a more comic-styled Ultron, versus the version being hyped in the current feature film. There are unmistakable Ashley Wood elements that we've seen carry over from the Doom and Iron Man, such as the toes pointing upward and the exaggerated calves. For how dull robot design can sometimes be, this Ultron definitely has some personality. I love the upper body design, though outside of the hips, it doesn't look like there's much articulation in the legs, which is a bit worrisome. Additionally, it's worth noting the Hot Toys Ultron might be a tiny big larger (16" versus ThreeA's 13"), but it's also $150 more expensive, too.

All three versions will be available for pre-order starting on May 7 for $220. The Ultrons go on sale at 9AM Hong Kong time/9PM EST at Bambaland.


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