While the first three ThunderCats Minimates box sets focused on the original 1985-1989 animated series' best-known heroes and villains, it looks like the newest round of characters will be decidedly more... eclectic. This September Icon Heroes will roll out a Previews-exclusive "ThunderCats, Ho!" box set packing Pumyra, Lynx-O, Bengali and Ratar-O, along with a non-posable Ro-Bear Bert figure. Fans will recognize this lineup from the same-titled ThunderCats, Ho! TV movie, which introduced these Thunderians. The set can currently be preordered at sites like AFX for about $16, which is a little less expensive than the previous box sets, which went for closer to $20. Like the past few waves, they can also kick it on IH's polystone Cats Lair statue, should fans choose to get fancy. Check out the Thunderian Minimate magic up close after the cut.

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[Via DST]

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