Anime/manga/hentai themed mousepads have been taking advantage of the plush contour of ergonomic mousepads for years to create hyper-sexualized versions of the female form where you can rest your wrists. These Tiger and Bunny mousepads turn this convention on its ear a bit, however, by fetishizing the show's male protagonists to the max. Here, the superhero team has big butts and they cannot lie. If you're ready for this jelly, you can check out the full, minimally NSFW (there's no real nudity) images after the jump.In concept, adult-branded items like these are a matter of taste. Translating the the generally seinen content of Tiger & Bunny to taboo merchandise isn't quite fundamentally shocking, since the show is aimed at young adults rather than than teens or kids. Still, if you've caught much Tiger & Bunny, you may find seeing the show's heroes in... compromised positions a little unsettling.

It may be particularly startling to fans of super-hero comics, which almost always reserve their sexualized merchandise (and compromised positions) for female characters. In a comics culture that usually designates fetish-specific fantasies to custom cheesecake sketches at conventions, it's also interesting to look at the way manga and anime merchandise blurs the line between a franchise's "true" characterization and fan fantasy.

I'll be sticking to my laptop's track pad for now, but you know, to each their own.

[Via Japanator]

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