As much as we dug part one of Crazy Sexy Geeks' superhero costume commentary with "Project Runway" host Timm Gunn, the second, Superman-centric, installment may be even more enjoyable.

Comics historian Alan Kistler sits down with Gunn to go over the Man of Steel's many costume choices over the years and the results are equally insightful and endearing.

As always, Gunn knows his stuff, but takes the time to let Kistler drop his mad comics science. Both critiques are in context and typically good-natured. Of course, Superman's electric boogaloo phase can get under anyone's skin...

A rightfully appalled Gunn characterizes the blue lightning look as "Implausible" before unleashing an expository "Good heavens!" when introduced to Superman's black and silver duds that he donned post "The Death of Superman." Gunn also has some nice things to say about a never-used Superman costume design from an old issue of Wizard, which he felt could still work today.

Gunn and Kistler round out their chat with critiques of Superboy, Robin, Nightwing, and a gray-suited Jade Giant that Kistler affectionately refers to as "The Tim Gunn Hulk."

Check out Gunn's commentary and perhaps learn a little something from Kistler after the jump.