In yet another sign that Warner Bros. has learned almost nothing from its recent misfires, the studio has reportedly added a Nightwing project to its upcoming DCEU slate, with The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay in final negotiations to helm. Although the studio recently hit some speed bumps with Ben Affleck’s Batman film, and there are still clearly some (fairly significant) wrinkles being worked out with their superhero universe, it seems that WB is determined to keep plowing through this thing one way or another.

THR reports that McKay is close to finalizing a deal to direct a live-action Nightwing movie based on a screenplay by Bill Dubuque, who most recently scripted Ben Affleck’s wacky action flick The Accountant. It would also appear that WB execs were just as amused with McKay’s clever read on Nightwing as the rest of us were — and though a one-minute scene in a two-hour movie hardly seems like it should be the basis for an entire film, the studio could do a whole lot worse than McKay when it comes to directors.

For the unfamiliar, Nightwing is the other superhero identity of Dick Grayson, aka Robin. As The LEGO Batman Movie hilariously and succinctly explained, he’s basically what Robin would be like if he tried to be more like his role model — darker, more brooding, more Batman-ish. In the comics, Grayson was the original Robin to Bruce Wayne’s Dark Knight; in the ’80s, as Grayson grew older, he ditched the colorful tights and became Nightwing. No longer Batman’s sidekick, Nightwing went on to lead the Teen Titans and have his own adventures.

Listen, a Nightwing movie from the guy behind The LEGO Batman Movie could be cool, but there are some definite issues with WB’s DCEU — and it still doesn’t seem like they’re all that interested in working on them.



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