Tim Seeley of "Hack/Slash" fame is known for many commendable writing and illustration gigs, but I hadn't a clue he'd be putting together a spread this massive...

Wildstorm posted the image up at its The Bleed blog yesterday as part of the art-infused "The Cut" post series and I have to say - it's a pretty fun "Crisis On Infinite Earths"-style assembly of characters.

Turns out its just one of many group shots readers can expect in 2010 from not only Seeley, but also the maestro of multiple characters, George Perez.

I admit, aside from occasional "The Authority" buys, I'm not the biggest consumer of Wildstorm fare, but seeing this inspires some serious curiosity about the upcoming "Wildcats" issues from writer Adam Beechen starting with issue #19 in January.

I'd try naming everyone on the page, but I really just like the dude on the magic carpet. Comics need more magic carpets if you ask me. Anybody else want to chime in with some Mago love? C'mon!

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