Fans have had a lot to think about since the initial trailer for Steven Spielberg's 3D, CG animated, motion capture adaptation of Hergé's beloved Tintin, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, arrived online. It's not just that folks are having a hard time shaking the creepy realism/totally not realism dichotomy of the film's visual style, it's that until now the movie has looked the opposite of Hergé's comics -- boring. Leave it to Ubisoft's upcoming videogame tie-in trailer from E3 to even the scales a bit and show off some of the film's potential. See Tintin punch dudes, shoot at motorcycles, swing around a sinking ship and generally evade the icy grip of death in style after the jump.Overall, the game's attempt to replicate the film's motion capture animation with standard CGI seems far easier to digest than what we've seen of the movie alone so far. Maybe it's the wider shots? The generally more cartoony appearance of the characters? The bright lighting? Or maybe it's just that things are actually friggin' happening in the game footage that gives it an edge over its movie source material. At any rate, it looks like it could be fun and a (more than) worthy successor to previous Tintin games like Destination Adventure, Prisoners of the Sun and the multiple versions of Tintin in Tibet.

According to Joystiq the game will have a singleplayer campaign plus co-op and competitive gameplay modes with "sword combat, aerial fighting, and driving sequences," as can be inferred by the trailer. Hopefully that all means a chance to play as Captain Haddock and Snowy!. The film's out December 23, but fans can pick up this game in October.

Watch the trailer for Ubisoft's The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn game below:

[Via Joystiq]