Fan-made comic book movie trailers are pretty common fare these days. Some are excellent and show off passion and skill, others feel more like high school video editing class projects.

For the creators of the forthcoming "Dawn of the Ninja Turtles," the endeavor goes beyond three minutes of flashy images - the dudes are supposedly bringing a full-fledged fan film to audiences.

So far, they've got a flashy Web site, pretty rad promo images, a hip hop single for a soundtrack and, as was recently announced, a graphic novel adaptation in the works by artist Ray Dillon.

The guys behind the movie seem pretty genuine and Dillon is a fantastic choice for the GN, but the cold-hearted cynical blogger in me can't help but wonder where the money for all of this is coming from since the project is in no way licensed and Nickelodeon just acquired the TMNT rights. Are the creators trustifarians? Bank robbers? Members of the Foot Clan?

I'll reserve judgment until I see a trailer, but as both a TMNT fan and a Dillon fan, these dudes better not be hyping something that won't end up being awesome or they could face some serious Interweb indifference. Here's hoping things go mondo cowabungaful.

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