On the off chance that there just weren't enough reasons for us to hop on a transcontinental flight to Japan and visit Toei's Hero World, the new indoor theme park and museum based around the history of tokusatsu, they've given us a new one, and it is edible. It was pretty inevitable that they'd have a few Kamen Rider and Super Sentai themed menu items to snack on while you were browsing a collection of props or waiting for the bumper motorcycles to open up, but I assumed it would be limited to plastic "Collector Cups" and, I don't know, the Gorenger-themed "Big One" Burger. They are not.

They have, instead, given us delicious looking buns shaped like Kamen Riders' heads. And, you know, also collector cups. Check 'em out below!

While Hero World's edible offerings also featureZyuden Sentai Kyoryuger-themed churros (AMAZING), I'm pretty sure the buns are the big draw here. They come in four shapes and flavors, starting with Kamen Rider #1, a Meat Bun:



Riderman from Kamen Rider V3, also a meat bun:



The Combatman foot soldiers of Shocker, the Army of Hell, with a spicy curry bun:



And, fittingly enough for a hero based around fruit and dance crews, an orange chocolate cake inspired by Kamen Rider Gaim:



There are also those churros I mentioned, which come in five Kyoryuger-inspired flavors:



As well as Gaim-themed orange smoothies:



And finally, you can cap off your meal with a bucket of caramel popcorn:


[Via ANN]