A few weeks back, we brought you the announcement of Toei Hero World, an indoor amusement park and museum devoted to Super Sentai (the show that was adapted into the last 20 years worth of Power Rangers) and Kamen Rider (the story of a line of heroes who kick monsters to death while riding motorcycles). As you  might imagine from those summaries, this is something that the staff here at ComicsAlliance is pretty excited about, but now, we have an even better reason: Toei has previewed the attractions at Hero World.

As you can see above, this includes one very important, game-changing bombshell: The part where you ride bumper-car motorcycles through a track filled with inflatable Shocker Combatmen does in fact have motorcycles sized for adults, so I guess I pretty much have to go there now (CA Editor Caleb Goellner can ride in the sidecar). Check out a few other attractions below, and start pricing that trip to Mihama, Chiba City.

I'm pretty sure that the Sentai and Rider-themed playground won't actually have the cast of Jetman flying around making sure no one's doing anything unsafe like going backwards down the slides, but I wasn't expecting those arm-waving inflatable Shocker guys either, so it could honestly go either way:



There's also a kid-sized version of the time-traveling train from Kamen Rider Den-O:


There's also this thing, and while I have no idea what it's from, I love the giant dude just casually watching little kids blast bad guys with lasers. Look at him! He's all "aw, they're so cute at that age."



In addition to the rides, there are also mock-ups of the exhibits, which are set to feature props and costumes from the last 40 years worth of the franchises, starting with Kamen Rider #1:



The official website (which you can browse if you happen to read Japanese) also features a floor-plan letting you know where everything is:



I looked and I didn't see anything about Toei's Spider-Man series from the '70s, the show that introduced giant robots totokusatsu, but we can hope they're saving that for the first anniversary, right? Toei Hero World opens on December 20.