What if your comic shop looked like a comic book? For manga and anime shop Tokyo's Tokyo, that's exactly the approach they took. Designed by the Tokyo-based Ryo Matsui Architects Inc., the open, airy shop features curved panel-like shelves, speed-lines to emphasize displayed items, word balloon way-finding and floor displays that look like stacks of comic books. A far cry from the stereotypical Android's Dungeon-style neckbeard dens that come to mind when you mention "comic shop," the store looks approachable, fun and exciting. In other words: I want to go to there.
The whole store concept is solid in every detail, from the parquet flooring that's reminiscent of open books to the subtle halftone effect caused by the dotted material used on some shelves. another nice touch is what appears to be the seating area, which takes on a rounded, organic shape to set it apart from the more geometric display fixtures.

You can scope out more shots of the unique shelving below. BRB, booking my flight to Tokyo right now.